WHAT TO WEAR: Internship

Finding what to wear for an internship can really vary between what field of study you are pursuing. This week’s Fashionista’s major is in criminal justice. That day, her and the other interns at the station were going to visit a prison. To do that, she had to wear very simple clothes, but as a Fashionista, she still make it work.

Creating an outfit that has a balance between prison-appropriate, ease and professionalism is a challenge to say the least. This Fashionista was able to accomplish such a daunting task by pair a breezy, open shoulder cotton top with standard black slacks. By using a cotton top, she kept the outfit simple, but the trousers helped to keep her look professional. To add some detail to her look, she accessorized with a Fossil watch and made the leather band on the watch cohesive with the rest of the look by wearing leather oxford shoes. Accessories like her’s can make a look truly attest to your personal style. Polished and safe enough to get through security, this Fashionista was ready to go to her internship.

One Simple Change: By throwing off the work pants in exchange for cut-off denim shorts, you can easily turn the look from being internship to summer ready. To further the change, switch out the professional oxford shoes for something more casual like Birkenstock sandals. Lastly, you can add a skinny leather belt in to the mix to not only emphasize your tiny waist, but to keep the leather accents of the outfit consistent.