WHAT TO WEAR: Internship

One thing that every college student has to do in order to graduate is an internship. No matter what school you go to, what major you are or even how well your grades are, you have to do at least one in your college career. Despite how they seem in the movies—people running around with coffee and being told to make copies all day—that is not how they really work. Most internships are similar to a mock job scenario, and you get to work closely with the actual employees. It’s a fun learning, gaining experience and a great way to start networking! Depending on the actual job, you may have a dress code to follow. What if there isn’t a dress code? Maybe you still want to look nice in order to show your employers that you’re taking this new internship seriously and are here to learn. Usually, I would say that this is a great time to show off your style and to stand out in the crowd, but sometimes keeping it simple and professional is way to go. That is what this Fashionista did, and she’s working it!

Just because this outfit isn’t flashy or keeping up with the latest fad, it doesn’t mean that it isn’t stylish! This Fashionista wore a black button-down cardigan and a white flowy tank top for the top. The neckline of the tank top and the sleeve length for the cardigan are excellent for work environments. They’re also great go-to lengths if you’re unsure of your office’s dress code. To draw some attention to the outfit, they were paired with a colorful pencil skirt. It shows off both this Fashionista’s lovely shape and her eye for color trends. Still maintaining the simplicity vibe of the outfit, this Fashionista wore light brown sandals. The lack of a heel is beneficial for running around the office all day. She matched her shoes with a neutral-colored shoulder bag, which is great for holding anything from your notepad to important flash drives or keys.

One Simple Change: You just finished your shift for the day and need to go to the library to study for one of your summer courses. Button up your cardigan halfway and switch your pencil skirt for a comfy pair of leggings. No one can focus on homework if you have to keep adjusting your clothes. The leggings are a great way to be comfortable while looking on point!