WHAT TO WEAR: Internship

When I was little summer always mean running around in my neighborhood until the sun went down.  My friends and I would make up games every day and play for as long as we could.  Once I got a little older, summer meant sitting by someone’s pool or driving down to their beach house and bathing in the sun until it disappeared in the horizon. Then we would pack up our bags and go mini golfing or to the drive-in theater. However, now adulthood has started creeping up on us and with it bringing a new definition of summer. This definition consisting of the words “nine to five job.”  A horrible employment situation is also known as an internship.  It seems that every summer more and more of my friends are handing in their bathing suits, beach towels and worry-free three months for a blazer and weekly salary.  We all know it is important to dress professional to these jobs.  However, when you are still an undergraduate and working in 80 to 90 degree summer days it is hard to remember your button up and black slacks every morning.  Fortunately, there are many ways around the traditional office outfit while still dressing appropriate all summer long.

This Fashionista’s outfit for work screams summer with the nautical navy and white striped dress, nude heels, and soft waves in her hair.  The trick here is to buy a longer dress. This makes it more work appropriate without feeling stuffy and too hot at work all day. The vertical stripes on the dress make it appear to be longer than it really is, preventing anyone from questioning her professionalism. Her nude heels and pearls paired together show class and elegance. However, she does not loose her youthful edge in this outfit. In the back there is a subtle detail many people will not notice during the nine to five day. Her zipper is lined with a bright red fabric.  The pop of color on her zipper keeps her personal style and adds an unexpected surprise to her outfit, but does not call too much attention or seem over the top.  She has the perfect combination of youth and professionalism.

One Simple Change:  Going out to drinks with the girls after a day in the office?  A few little things will make this look perfect for a night out.  Simply throw on a leather jacket, add a smokey eye, and change these classy nude heels for some edgier strappy heels.  Perfect for a post-work drink.