WHAT TO WEAR: Internship

Do you have a summer job? The answer is most likely yes. But even if it is not, we are going to prepare you for your next internship. You will find that many jobs and internships make you wear some form of uniform. But as a Fashionista, I know you want to jazz it up and I have just the solution for you.

Denim is the answer! Jeans have been a classic look for years but they are constantly developing in style. There are more than just the plain blue jeans; your options are endless. There are different print styles, colored options, ripped, textured and acid wash. So let’s bring out your work shirt and one of these options so all eyes are on your stylish trends.

Jeans are very edgy and there are multiple DIY methods to get the perfect jean look. Do you have scissors? Well that is all you need to get ripped or cut look. Also, if you rub the scissors against the jeans you can add a texture look. But maybe you want to achieve this Fashionista’s look. Well all you need is bleach if you want to do it yourself.

Acid wash is a great look, especially with any solid colored T-shirt. That is why it works so well with your work attire (which is highly likely to be a collared shirt).

One Simple Change: Do you have work all day and don’t have time to change your whole outfit for a celebration? Very simply, let’s replace your work shirt with a loose blouse which can accommodate any occasion you might be celebrating.