WHAT TO WEAR: Internship

It’s pretty common for college students, especially upperclassmen, to have internships. Whether in the summer or during the school year, internships are a nearly integral part of getting a job after graduation! And depending on what your major is, the internship you have can vary, including basically anything from fashion blogging to product marketing. Although some internships don’t take place in an office setting, many do, and if you have an internship that does, it’s important to dress appropriately. Your boss and coworkers won’t take you seriously if you don’t dress professionally, which not only decreases your chances of landing a full-time job with them after graduation, but also may jeopardize your internship, depending on the company.

However, if you have a summer internship, you probably don’t want to be wearing thick black dress pants and a blazer to work everyday. Who wants to overheat? Summer internships can be particularly tricky, because you’ll need a look that’s both professional and modest, but still practical for the summer heat.

This Fashionista’s look is perfect for any college student heading to a summer internship. Her collared button-down shirt is classy and modest, and the rolled sleeves add a fun touch! She paired the shirt with green shorts, and I absolutely love it. Their length is long enough for professional modesty (just past her arms when at her sides), but they don’t look outdated. Instead, the style is totally flattering, and the soft green shade gives her look just enough personality to make a statement in the office without being too flashy. A sophisticated watch and simple bracelet are perfectly subtle accessories, and her trendy sandals complete the internship-appropriate outfit.

One Simple Change: If you’re taking a summer class and have a tight schedule, this look is great to go between your internship and class. Simply swap the button-down for a casual V-neck T-shirt, preferably in a neutral shade like white or gray, and your look is easily more casual.