WHAT TO WEAR: Internship

Ah, summertime—those blissful months spent slathering on the tanning oil at the nearest beach and taking a well-deserved break from schoolwork. Or if you’re in New York City for the summer, it’s those months spent busting your butt to prove that you’re capable of more than taking Starbucks orders for your coworkers at an internship. If you want your internship to turn into a job offer at the end of the summer, it’s vital to make a great impression on a daily basis. And what better way to be memorable than by dressing the part of a fashion-forward intern?

This week’s Fashionista was rocking a fun yet appropriate outfit for her internship—a cute patterned skirt, matching ankle strap heels and a statement necklace. By choosing an outfit filled with vivid colors, she totally strayed away from the notion that business casual attire is boring and stuffy. Who says you have to stick to bland grays and navy blues in the office anyway? Take cues from this bold gal and try incorporating some fun pastels into your office wardrobe to change things up a bit. Also be sure to always go for low ankle strap heels like hers. In a city like New York, where the morning commute is comparable to a scene from The Hunger Games, comfy heels are a necessity. Do your feet a favor and save the stilettos for nighttime, ladies.

One Simple Change: Do you often find yourself rushing home from your nine to five internship to change your outfit in time for happy hour or a girl’s night out? Rush no more! With a chic outfit like this, all you need to do is swap the pencil skirt for a more nighttime approved leather skirt, and you’ll be ready for a stylish and unforgettable evening on the town with your gals.