WHAT TO WEAR: Internship

July 30th, 2015 at 2:10am

The rules governing internship dress codes are very much unwritten, and thus bring about many questions. At what length is my skirt is considered too short? Are button-downs and pantsuits the only garments that I can wear? Is it wrong for my suit to cost more than my boss’s? Dressing for the job as an intern is difficult (just like high school all over again) because you want to appear white-collar enough to blend with the rest of your colleagues, but casual enough to facilitate long hours of photocopying and coffee runs. It’s important to find a middle ground between business professional and practical.

In the media and public relations fields, the dress code allows for a little more creative flair than most industries. This Fashionista spends her days writing copy for one of Hong Kong’s leading fashion, event and lifestyle magazines, so she needs to consider dressing comfortably for the cubicle as well as dressing to impress at press events. She naturally tends towards the fashion industry’s favorite monochromatic palette, with a black crepe top, white shorts from Zara and a black tote from Tory Burch. That’s not to say that she doesn’t add her own personal touch to the industry uniform. Her black blouse may say business in the front, but it features a crossover draped back that is intriguing without being provocative. With her white tuxedo shorts, she can easily hop from event to event without breaking a stride, with her roomy tote carrying everything from laptops to samples. As a final touch, she has added a rhinestone statement necklace that really makes her outfit shine at the office.

One Simple Change: Swap the sandals and tote for a pair of heels and a clutch to get ready for a sophisticated date night.