WHAT TO WEAR: Internship

This Fashionista is a powerhouse when it comes to looking for the perfect accounting summer internship. She is also a major powerhouse when it comes to the casual and dressy work attire.

What stood out about this outfit to me was this Fashionistas pants. A patterned jersey trouser is both stylish and comfortable. It also allows you to add a little bit of flair while you’re at the office. Pick a pattern to suit your style. A great way to wear this look is to match it with a white top or white blouse. Your patterned trouser should be what stands out in a good way. If you wear a top that is too bright, you lose the professional feel of the outfit. Also, you don’t want to be competing between patterns. You should rock your internship wear, not create outfits displeasing to the eye.

I am a complete sucker when it comes to pretty shoes. Let’s not forget pretty and functional. This Fashionista’s flats are the perfect neutral brown. A lot of the times, we end up buying a pair or a few dozen black heels because they are versatile and can go with generally any color. The truth is, so does a neutral brown if you match it properly. Since this outfit only has one major pattern in the trouser with only one color scheme, the brown balances out the pattern. Again, by wearing a white solid top, everything balances out perfectly. This Fashionista’s flat has minimalistic lattice detail over the toe area that makes it a little extra special. Don’t be afraid to wear a shoe with a little bit more detailing. Your feet also need love! Just remember that it is always more professional to wear a closed toe shoe for an office internship!

Although a heel can be at most times a little bit uncomfortable after a few hours, so can a purely flat shoe. This is due to the lack of support in the shoe under the natural arch of your foot. Try wearing a flat with a low wedged heel for maximum cuteness, and maximum comfort. During your internship, you want to make sure that you are having a super comfortable day.

Just because you’re at work doesn’t mean that you should forget to accessorize. A small pendant with a diamond or any gem adds class, professionalism, and just a little bit of sparkle to your internship. Top your entire outfit off with a light jacket. This Fashionista chose a denim jacket, to keep herself warm in the summer breeze.

One Simple Change: Trade the denim jacket in for a cool cardigan like the mesh non-closure cardigan from Abercrombie & Fitch. Then, put a boho inspired headband and a cute pair of sunglasses on and you are ready for a concert!