WHAT TO WEAR: Internship

Summer is the time of year when us college students take a break from classes and are ready to take on a summer internship. For me, it is being a Style Guru for CollegeFashionista, where I can work remotely and wear whatever I deem fashionable. As a Style Guru, I seek out street style and write all about it. I get to bring my laptop to Starbucks, sip my iced green tea latte (that’s my favorite drink in case you were wondering) and blog my little heart out. For others, it’s catching a train or driving to the office—that would mean heels are not recommended and clothing should be comfortable and appropriate. In that case, fashion is still a top priority, but there are many ways to stay trendy and still be office-worthy.

Both professional and stylish, this Fashionista is wearing a classy white sundress with lace detailing to show off her gorgeous summer tan. The back of the dress is just stunning—it forms a perfect V that screams “fun,” but the strap ties it together for a bit of modesty. She paired it with a lightweight hunter green blazer with brass buttons. To create an outfit suitable for an internship, it is only natural (and oftentimes required!) to cover your shoulders. Her nude flats have such great detail and texture and I was fascinated to discover that they came all the way from the Philippines after her recent visit there! This Fashionista is smart—by wearing flats, she will ensure that her feet won’t be in pain after a long day at work.

She kept her accessories to a minimum to ensure that she wouldn’t be going too over the top. This Fashionista’s hair and makeup are beautifully done—she appears natural and sophisticated. I’d say she would ace her first day on the job!

One Simple Change: This outfit can be instantly transformed for a girl’s night out. Lose the jacket and swap the flats for a pair of strappy brown heels. Throw on a chunky gold statement necklace and you’ll be ready to tear up the town with some of your favorite girlies!