WHAT TO WEAR: Internship

Wake up, put on your tie, clock in, go to work, come home, repeat. That is the everyday life of an intern. College students start searching for these positions the minute they start freshman year, eager to get their feet in the door with the field of their dream career. What you wear affects the way you work and everyone knows it. Suit jackets make you feel professional, ties make you feel classic and fun socks add the perfect flair. This Fashionisto’s internship attire was the perfect blend of quirky and businesslike.

Start your work day attire by picking out a polo shirt. Whether you’re one to stick to simple colors or love fun patterns like this Fashionisto, a simple collared shirt is casual and professional all at once. The skull shaped polka-dots and classic color scheme are classic and perfect for a day at work for those of us who love a balance between fun and simple. Pair the polo with work appropriate pants; straight legged khakis are the go-to, but these fun skinny pants are even cooler. Finish off the look with a pair of leather loafers—the perfect work shoe for any day. They are effortlessly timeless and can be worn anywhere.

This Fashionista’s outfit screams work appropriate but the fun flair helps him keep his personality intact. It is important in the professional world to keep your style, or else you will just blend right in to the black suited population. Always wear fun socks, funky patterns and classic shoes. This combination is exactly what you should wear to your internship.

One Simple Change: These pants can be professional, but also a fun pair to wear on the weekend. Swap out those loafers for some fun, retro tennis shoes in a bright color. Toss on a plain T-shirt and a baseball cap and you’re ready for a Saturday filled with fun.