WHAT TO WEAR: Internship

With fall internship opportunities just around the corner, it is always a challenge figuring out what to wear after you have already gotten the job. Yes, dressing for interviews is challenging, but dressing appropriately every day after that is an even more stressful challenge. To make it easier, the main things to keep in mind are to make sure your outfit is office appropriate (i.e. skirt and shorts lengths are appropriate, necklines aren’t too plunging, etc.) and easy to work in. This Fashionista shows us the perfect internship outfit and how it can easily be your daily go-to internship ensemble.

Starting with her baby blue chiffon top and black leggings, this Fashionista is able to work comfortably at her desk for hours at a time. As a general rule, chiffon is always a classy fabric that never goes out of style. The key to wearing chiffon tops is being able to find one with an inner layer or lining so that the shirt does not become see-through. Remember, think office appropriate! As for her black leggings, they are the perfect substitute for a pair of black denim jeans. This is because jeans sometimes look too casual and relaxed to be worn as corporate clothing. The benefit of leggings is that this Fashionista can go through her day without feeling like her legs are constricted and need to be stretched out. Make sure that when wearing leggings, you are mindful of the fabric and make sure the leggings are thick enough to be worn as pants and don’t turn completely invisible in the light. This Fashionista’s outfit choice is a look that any Fashionista can adapt for herself, and can even wear daily! Simply grab a few pairs of black leggings and match them with different styles and colors of chiffon tops. Mix it up every day, and have fun with it!

As an intern, constantly being on your feet and running around completing errands is inevitable. This Fashionista is able to move from place to place comfortably in her ultra chic snakeskin sandals. She chose to pair her entire look with a black tote bag, which is perfect for fitting her laptop, folders and any other internship supplies necessary. She easily goes from meeting to meeting and back to the office conveniently with everything she needs in one place.

To top off her look, she adds an air of class by accessorising with a gold necklace and rose gold watch. Her accessories go a long way as her watch makes a big statement. As an intern, she definitely can’t be running fashionably late!

One Simple Change: Instead of pairing this look with snakeskin sandals, you can opt for a pair of snakeskin heels to instantly make this outfit a day to night look!