WHAT TO WEAR: Internship

July 14th, 2015 at 2:00am

One of the biggest summer dilemmas that any Fashionista/o faces is how to stay cool, yet professional at work during the summer heat. It is best to keep the fabrics as light as possible and to minimize the amount of layering to ensure you do not overheat at work!

This Fashionisto chose to wear a simple button-up shirt with a pair of khakis in a neutral black. For a summer intern it is essential that you look put together and professional. By wearing simple, practical stables this Fashionisto chose to add his own personal touches to his outfit by choosing to accessorize with a brown belt, peaking out of his tucked in shirt. To maintain the look he choose to wear a pair of suede chukka shoes. The standout piece is his leather messenger bag, which is essential for holding his laptop, reports and books. This Fashionisto is ready to rock a successful day at work!

This outfit is suitable for any work because it is stylish yet understated. Neutral colors are great pieces to pair with a bright colored shirt or pants, because it allows for a little bit of fun in a work wardrobe, while still keeping things toned down and professional. It is key that you know your work environment and what is appropriate entire. Save that fun, risky fashion choice for when you are out of the office and out with friends!

One Simple Change: Just finished a long, stressful day at the office and feel like relaxing with your significant other by grabbing dinner and drinks for date night? Any Fashionista can still look stylish in their work wardrobe by switching up your accessories and rolling up your shirt’s sleeve. Ditch the briefcase at home for a simple, leather phone case with a slip to hold your money and credit cards and grab a straw fedora for a relaxed look.