WHAT TO WEAR: Internship

July 13th, 2015 at 2:00am

In today’s world, having a 4.0 grade point average and loading up your schedule with multiple challenging courses no longer guarantees college students their dream career after they graduate. With the vast majority of college students now studying abroad, getting published in journals as well as joining a multitude of school clubs to remain involved on campus, it is imperative now to do all you can do to ramp up your resume to peak future potential employers’ interest in you. An internship—or several—is one of the many essential things for students to now partake in, as it not only shows some experience in the field they wish to pursue, but it also allows students a chance where they can see first-hand if the career they have chosen for themselves is actually the one that fits their interests the best. The summer is also the best time to get one, as there is a more flexible school schedule and a lot more free time! However, as wonderful as internships can be, they aren’t always easy to come by. Additionally, they are often just as hard to attain as an actual job. That is why if one wishes to excel in attaining and maintaining an internship, especially during the fun summer months, one must dress the part.

While walking to my car after class this particular morning, I ran into this Fashionisto that immediately struck me as having a perfect summer internship style. While his outfit isn’t one that would work for a more professional and office type atmosphere, it would work perfectly for most casual places of business. Little did I know was that he was actually headed to his current internship in one of the top real estate offices in Tallahassee, a job which requires you to look professional yet approachable. He attains this look through many facets, all the while keeping it simple. His softly hued blue button-down is the perfect shade that doesn’t make him appear too flashy. Combined with his blue jeans and rolled up shirt sleeves, the overall look gives off a cool and fresh feeling. His rolled up jeans allow for his Polo Ralph Lauren leather high-tops to be fully appreciated, as the caramel color against the blues adds a nice flare to his outfit while still seeming effortless. Again, as I’m a sucker for small details, he smartly matches his watch to his shoes making him appear put together and thoughtful. Even his classic Ray-Ban style sunglasses, while they may not be allowed on the job, contribute to his very cool but sharp appearance.

One Simple Change: Bring this look to the colder months of fall and winter by deepening the hues. Trade out the soft blue of the button-down for a warm maroon, and leave the sleeves buttoned at the wrists. While in Florida one can still get away with jeans and rolled hems even in the coldest parts of December. Try a darker brown leather boot instead of the high-top sneakers.