WHAT TO WEAR: Internship

If you are anything like me, about halfway through my internship, I’m starting to run out of wardrobe options to wear without being an outfit repeater. I’m lucky enough to have an internship where the dress code is much closer to casual than formal business wear, and it seems that this sort of dress code is becoming increasingly common in offices.

Because I would feel just as weird wearing a blazer and stiff pencil skirt to my internship as I would wearing a T-shirt and shorts, I’ve adapted. It seems as though this Fashionista has, as well. She paired a printed dress with brown, leather flats and simple gold jewelry. This outfit is appropriate for the office, but still comfortable and fashionable.

If your internship is more formal, throw a blazer or light cardigan on to dress it up some and wear heels instead of flats. I liked that this Fashionista didn’t take many risks with her accessories and kept it simple—not detracting from the dress.

Another way that I’ve dressed for my internship is by pairing a casual, stretchy pencil skirt with a colorful top, and keeping the jewelry more minimalist. Having a formula for my office outfits makes it easier to quickly pick something out in the morning, giving me some much needed coffee drinking time. I like this alternate outfit formula because it also works well with the change given below.

One Simple Change: Add (or swap out a more formal jacket for) a leather jacket to take this outfit from office-worthy to after hours chic.