WHAT TO WEAR: Internship

During the school year, many of us can be found tucked away in our dorm rooms or apartments, and working hard in our classes and on our resumes in hope of landing a summer internship opportunity. Internships are not only important life experiences and resume builders, but each one provides an amazing opportunity! Whether you are a Fashionista/o with an internship locked down or are still on the fence about getting one, knowing how to rock statement pieces and look your best will help you feel more confident!

This Fashionisto discusses how professionalism is key in any situation, especially an internship. He works in an office and explains that many people blend in by wearing solid colors and the same types of outfits. He likes to stand out from the sea of solid colored shirts by wearing a checkered patterned oxford. He also discusses how watches and patterned socks are subtle statement pieces that help create a classy, put together look.

Tailored dress pants that you can buy in stores look classy and expensive but are affordable and fit more securely; thus, helping everyone feel more comfortable during an internship, whether in an office or walking around all day. A belt helps make the look sharper and more complete. A word of advice from this Fashionisto, “Always make sure to match the color of your belt to the color of your shoes and watch.” The final piece of this outfit is a tailored sport coat. Sport coats are useful for meetings, drafty office buildings and helping make anyone who wears them more confident.

One Simple Change: Too hot to wear a sport coat for a meeting? No problem! Look sharp regardless of temperature by putting on a tie, which adds flair and a pop of personality to your outfit.