WHAT TO WEAR: Internship

July 9th, 2015 at 2:00am

There has always been a fine line between trying to look chic and appropriate in the workplace. I swear it’s a headline on every magazine you see while checking out at the grocery store. When it comes to internships, fashion related or not, it is important to keep your look looking put together because ultimately it represents you. If you show up every morning looking fabulously chic people will notice and think, “wow she’s on top of everything.” It also will give you a boost of confidence because when you look great, you feel great!

This Fashionista is wearing a perfect example of how to look young, fashionable and professional all at the same time. Pink is a youthful color, but when paired with a more professional top and a neutral cardigan it is more refined. This Fashionista’s off center J.Crew necklace ties everything together and brings the attention to the accessory rather than her pants. Keeping the shoe and hair natural really keeps everything simple and fresh.

With an outfit similar to this you are ready to take on the work world.  From running to get your boss’s overly complicated Starbucks order or presenting your final group internship project you’ll be ready, and look oh so fab doing so. Get your kate spade laptop bag ready and go out there and be the fashion queen of the cubicles!

One Simple Change: Want to make this look a little more relaxed and brunch appropriate; throw a pair of Chino shorts on and tuck in the blouse. With a pair of sandals, you are ready to go and conquer the bottomless mimosas!