WHAT TO WEAR: Internship

In an industry such as fashion, keeping up with the latest trends as well as remaining modest and work appropriate can often be a challenge. The fashion industry is a wonderfully complex industry to work and dress for, and it provides infinite possibilities for stylistic expression. Dressing for a work environment allows you to let your personal style shine through, as well as make a statement about the quality of work you are going to put forward. In this case, both professionalism and uniqueness are highly valued. In a place where dress codes seem to rule your world, it is essential to keep your playfulness and whimsical nature when dressing for a professional occasion.

This Fashionista passes this challenge with flying colors in her stylish and edgy work look. She is wearing a gorgeous skirt by Australian designer Alice McCall. The skirt’s pattern is modern and playful, yet its length and shape are appropriate for a work environment. The skirt is the perfect length to accentuate her Via Spiga open-toed booties. She finishes off the look with a black crop top, whose ruffles mirror the bottom of the skirt, bringing the two pieces together seamlessly. Finally, she polishes off the look with a stylish necklace and the newest lipstick color from Marc by Marc Jacobs.

One Simple Change: Easily take this look from work to play by adding an edgy leather jacket for a night on the town. Changing up accessories can transform a look. A simple change, such as outerwear, can add an edge to a polished look.