WHAT TO WEAR: Internship

It’s not too loud but definitely not boring. It’s just right! This Fashionista knows how to style her outfits for a summer internship. Summer internships are a great way to get your foot in the door and experience a little bit of the “real world,” and one key rule is to always look presentable. Every company has different rules set for their dress code, but usually it’s business professional or business casual attire. One thing is for sure—you don’t want to roll up into work with flip flops and distressed jeans. It’s always better to be overdressed than underdressed. You want to uphold a positive image or “personal brand” of yourself at work, and the way you dress plays a role in that.

One might think business attire is boring and all you can wear are suits and the color black, but that’s not true. Check out how this Fashionsita kept her style fresh and vibrant by mixing light colors and prints.

She paired a white pencil skirt with a printed blouse and black pumps. The white skirt pulls away from the traditional black and gray colors and keeps her look alive. White is a very bright and happy tone and works well for the summer season. Her skirt is a respectable length, keeping it just above the knee. Her printed floral blouse balances the look. The blue schemed top adds that pop of color into her business casual ensemble. Keep in mind that tucking in your top automatically makes the outfit look neat and collected. It frames the figure well because it creates a waistline and can also make you appear taller.

You want to keep jewelry to a minimum while in the office. Having too many pieces on can get distracting. Also, try keeping your nail color neutral if you are working in a conservative workplace. Again, it’s less distracting to others working around you and makes the overall appearance neater.

One Simple Change: You can transform this outfit from a day to night look by simply changing out of the skirt and into a pair of dark wash fitted jeans. Keep the heels and add a black colored statement necklace to pull the look together. This new outfit can be worn out on the town.