WHAT TO WEAR: Internship

In this day and age, dressing for an internship can be rather tricky. Fashionistas all around are blurring the line between street wear and office wear, and when you’re a new intern, it’s hard to find the middle ground. In any creative field, most people can wear whatever they want to work but when you’re an intern you want to be dressed to the nines to ensure you consistently make a good impression. The solution is to go business casual.

This Fashionista decided to go with a dress that could be worn to the office or hanging out with friends, making this look calm, cool and collected.  Not to mention, this shade of blue is totally trending right now, so she also looks incredibly chic. Wearing a dress is the best way to look put together while still keeping it casual and it saves you having to make a whole outfit in the morning. Just throw on a dress and you are ready to work without worrying about your wardrobe. Having a large tote is also extremely important as an intern. Odds are, you have to carry around too much stuff, but this isn’t school so lugging around a backpack wouldn’t be the most practical thing. The Fashionista finishes off her look with some flats so she can look fashionable but be comfortable and accomplish whatever task the day throws at her.

One Simple Change: Going out with friends after a long day at work? Swap the tote for a clutch and opt for some cool sandals instead of flats.