WHAT TO WEAR: Internship

Let’s be frank—although every Fashionista loves to mix it up and push those boundaries, we’re all partial to our favourite pair of jeans or seriously worn Converse sneakers. When it comes to all-day classes and late-night study sessions, you know that while there’s no substitute for style, comfort is always key. Thankfully, even if a top-notch internship means putting away your ripped denim for another day, you certainly don’t have to suffer in a stiff pencil skirt either! This Fashionista shows us that an ensemble fit for the office can be #RAD and super practical.

Interns need to be prepared for any possible task that could come their way, whether that’s pushing through busy streets on a coffee run, tackling a mountain of research or attending important meetings. With the classic combination of a blouse and skirt, this Fashionista is comfortable enough for a full day of work and classy enough for a city office environment. The choice of a simple black skater skirt gives her more room for movement than a typical pencil skirt would, the black tights add a necessary layer of warmth for the Melbourne winter and her flat boots are perfect for walking through the city. Proving that comfortable doesn’t mean plain, her patterned blouse and red lip adds a great pop of colour and point of interest, with a black blazer on top for a structured look.

One Simple Change: To make the most of your outfit, you can take your look from ‘office intern’ to ‘date night’ by simply stashing your tights in your bag and swapping the boots for a pair of killer heels.