WHAT TO WEAR: Internship

July 7th, 2015 at 2:00am

It’s often hard to put together a professional outfit without getting too dull. It’s easy to put together neutral colors such as black and nude, but by mixing it up with a bold print, it can help excite your look. By adding prints and accessories, you can showcase your style while still looking put together and professional.

This Fashionista caught my eye after leaving her internship with the bold print on her top. Working all day means you’re usually in a cold, air conditioned office, which means it’s important to dress warm. The chevron print long sleeve is light and thin, which will keep you warmer in the office while still remaining airy for when you step outdoors. When adding a bold print, it’s important for it to be a darker color in order to keep it professional.

For the bottom, she chose a knee length pencil skirt. Its length helps keep you cool while still being appropriate for work. The black color of the skirt pairs well with the bold print without overwhelming the look and keeping the focus on the blouse.

Lastly, for her accessories she adds her large, dark brown tote bag that is embedded with her initials. This personalization adds a perfect touch that will help in differentiating whose bag belongs to whom. Additionally, with such a large tote, it is useful for carrying resumes or a portfolio. Her tan flats complete her look by still looking professional and being comfortable. If you’re the type of intern who is constantly on his or her feet throughout the day, then a peep toe flat would be perfect for you to wear.

One Simple Change: If you plan on meeting friends after work for a girl’s night out, you might want to switch out the pencil skirt for some black moto skinny jeans. It will still keep you looking professional during the day but it will definitely bring out an edgier side of you at night!