WHAT TO WEAR: Internship

During the summer, I like to make sure my days are packed with fun and games, but then I remember that I’m an adult (physically, maybe not mentally) and that I have responsibilities. A lot of times, college students have part time jobs that they have to attend to or internships. While these things can put a burden on your sunny beach days, they can be pretty cool because you get to wear business attire, which, if you’re like me, definitely isn’t your everyday wear. Therefore, I think it’s fun to get to try out a new type of style.

A really cute business trend that would work for an internship is cropped pants. Not only are cropped pants all the rage, but cropped anything really is. Cropped jeans or crop tops, people just love cropped things. I can’t blame them, though, because I love the look. This week’s Fashionista clearly knows her stuff because her cropped pants are doing wonders on her legs. She also wore a striped blazer-like jacket for a more business look and added a simple red tank top to make herself stand out because all the other aspects were monochromatic. Finally, she is wearing simple black heels, which she wore all day. And, of course, the addition of Michael Kors makes almost any girl drool. Her outfit was so cute that I wanted to steal it off of her.

One Simple Change: Now if your university is anything like mine, you are required to take summer courses. Some students have to rush to class straight from their internships, so I’d say you should throw some items in your trunk so that you can change quickly. One way I would do that is by throwing on some cute sandals. Heels aren’t really ideal for big lecture halls. I would change out the jacket for a cute, cozy cardigan because I know how cold those classrooms get. It can feel like Antarctica. With those simple changes, you will still have a trendy outfit. It’s just more suitable for going to class.