WHAT TO WEAR: Internship

No more are the days of only pant suits and ties…In the fashion world, the idea of a classic “go to work” outfit is changing. As company styles are changing, we can see that work attire is changing as well. The focus is on what you do at work, not what you wear. That gives all of Fashionistas/os the opportunity to express ourselves more, to be comfortable and confident in what we wear and to create an identity for ourselves in the work place. This is especially important for internships, when your time may be just a few weeks at a company.

This Fashionista works at a start up company based in San Francisco, where there is no dress code. Everyone still works hard, but it’s easier to be yourself in the office because everyone is wearing what he or she pleases. Because temperature can vary throughout the day in San Fran, the Fashionista wears a sweater to stay comfortable in the cooler weather and to stay comfortable when the A/C is on. Ripped jeans keep her look give new meaning to “business casual”, keeping her comfortable and in style. Lastly, she accessorizes to add a final touch of uniqueness. She pairs thin bracelets with a Modify watch, which adds some bright color to her outfit. The watch is balanced nicely with the thin bracelets and dainty necklace, because there is not too much accessory in the outfit. Her final outfit piece is a Longchamp purse, perfect to fit a laptop, lunch and notes to rock any internship.

One Simple Change: To change the look from internship into dinner after work, throw on a pair of flats and you’re set to go!