WHAT TO WEAR: Internship

School is out and summer is here. We dream of sleeping late, laying out by the pool and eating gallons of Italian Ice, but we can’t. We have to do big people things, like participate in an internship. At this point in our college careers, internships are ideal to teach us skills that are necessary to help advance us in our future careers.

Whether your internship takes you to the big city or close to home you will be exposed to many opportunities that are available to you when choosing a direction to follow. The student becomes the professional and this means looking like one too.

Wearing neutral colors is a good place to start when your wanting to look professional, while adding pops of color adds a stylish touch. This Fashionista looks internship ready in her mint green dress with lace detailing. Nail polish is always an easy way to show off your personality in a professional setting. Her orange nail polish makes her standout from the other interns and also looks great with a tan. The chevron print on her clutch is trendy while the neutral print makes it appropriate to wear anywhere! The nude wedges she is wearing gives a formal feel to the Fashionista’s simple, chic look.

One Simple Change: After a long workweek, this Fashionista can go from work to play easily by taking off her sheer cardigan and throwing her hair into a high ponytail. Both of these things show off the strappy dress while still looking sophisticated.