WHAT TO WEAR: Internship

One of the hardest types of outfits for me to create are outfits for interviews, internships or part-time jobs. The business-casual type of fashion is one that I love, considering the fact that I am still in school and am not required to dress this way daily. However, with the amount of interviews I am attending while applying for jobs and internships, I’ve been doing some research (aka going on Pinterest for hours) on what pieces and accessories to buy in order to obtain the perfect business-casual style. Now, I can share my information with you!
When I spotted this Fashionista, I was immediately drawn to her brown bag. This structured bag is perfect for not only storing your wallet, keys and makeup, but also perfect for keeping your resume without it getting crumpled or torn. Moving away from her bag, her outfit also did not disappoint. This Fashionista’s nude flats seemed so comfortable and simple. Her shirt was the perfect completer piece, since it was color-blocked black and while. It tied in the black color of her jeans and cardigan, and the brown color of her bag.
However, this Fashionista’s outfit wouldn’t be complete without her RAD pendant necklace and dainty rings, which give the outfit some mixed metals to work with. Don’t forget one of the best accessories to have, a hair tie around your wrist for easy access!
One Simple Change: Swap the pants for some jeans and change your shoes into some heeled sandals for brunch with your girlfriends.