WHAT TO WEAR: Internship

College students are at that awkward stage in life when they are supposed to have fun, be responsible and figure out who they want to be and what career they want to pursue, all at the same time. Thankfully, internships provide students with the experience to be responsible, along with helping them decide what career they want to pursue. Since internships are not steady careers, but are still important professional experiences, deciding what to wear may be difficult. The outfit this Fashionista assembled, however, is the perfect example of appropriate internship attire.

The Portofino blouse contains an elegant, ivory color that is not too boldly distracting, but also not too plain. The tank top worn underneath the sheer blouse is crucial for a professional and sophisticated look. Additionally, the tank top provides extra coverage for the V-neck area of the blouse. The floral printed skirt adds a little flair to the outfit while the black and ivory colors in the skirt encourage a serious look. The up-do hairstyle also enhances this professional look, demonstrating that this Fashionista is ready to “get down to business.”

Close-toed shoes are essential for internships because they maintain a sophisticated appearance. The black color of the shoes is a basic color worn in the professional field because of its neutrality and the seriousness the color conveys. This Fashionista included a polished black handbag in her internship ensemble, perfect for carrying any required materials necessary for a day on the job.

One Simple Change: Looking to wind down after a long day at your internship? Change the button-down blouse into a classy sweater and this look can easily be worn for an exquisite dinner date at a tasteful restaurant.