WHAT TO WEAR: Internship

As college students, summer isn’t just about sitting poolside soaking up rays; it’s also a time for getting ahead. This could mean taking summer classes or working more hours. For some, summer is also internship season. Internships are great because they allow you to develop skills you will need for the specific career that you desire. They also help you see firsthand whether or not that career is something you’ll actually enjoy. Either way, it’s important to dress to impress as you’ll be making connections with people that might benefit you in the future. By dressing sharp and appropriately, you’re sure to leave an amazing impression on those you’re working with.

Although this Fashionisto was on his way to work, I thought his outfit would also be perfect for an internship. He paired his light blue and green button-up shirt with khaki pants for a look that was clean and fresh. His shoes were my favorite part of his outfit. When working in an office setting, it can be hard not to get stuck in a boring routine by wearing the same thing over and over again. Choosing cool shoes to wear is an easy way to switch up your professional style appropriately.

Throw a little business into your personal style while dressing for your internship and you’ll have the confidence to handle any task at hand!

One Simple Change: Headed to the library to get a little more work in after a day at the office? Switch out the khaki pants for a pair of joggers for a more casual look that’s still put together.