WHAT TO WEAR: Internship

Summer is finally here, but for many of us, that doesn’t mean three months of carefree relaxation. It is likely that this summer is the start or continuation of your professional career. Instead of binge watching your favorite TV series, spending a day by the pool or sleeping until noon, you will be waking up early, grabbing coffee and getting pumped for a day at work.

If you are starting an internship this summer or are new to a job, then dressing well is imperative. You are beginning to build important ties in your professional network and you want to make a good impression. Dressing well shows your employer and those around that you are willing to put in effort and you care about your position. An appropriate outfit creates a positive perception of the work that you will perform and helps you build trust and respect. Your attire is sending a message to everyone around you, so make that message a good one—look sharp!

This Fashionisto displays a classic look that is perfect for a day on the job. A Ralph Lauren button-down is professional and by choosing to keep the collar unbuttoned and leave the tie at home, it becomes comfortable for a long day of hard work. In a sea of tan khakis and black pants, he stands out by wearing navy. Combining navy and green is different without being too bold or distracting. He completes his dapper look by matching his shoes with his belt—a crucial rule for men to follow. His style is clean, put together and professional.

One Simple Change: When five o’clock finally hits, close your excel sheets, promise not to check your email until morning and go enjoy your summer! This outfit can easily be transformed into a more casual look by rolling up the sleeves and switching out the pants and dress shoes for casual shorts and sneakers.