WHAT TO WEAR: Internship

June 24th, 2015 at 2:10am

After hours of research and preparation, a nerve-wracking interview and what probably seemed like an excruciatingly long wait, you’ve finally landed your dream internship. Your first day rolls around, but you’re stuck. What do you wear?

Whether you’re jet-setting across the country or you’re interning locally, staying stylish during your internship is key. Looking professional and dressing the part shows your employer that you value the work you’re doing. Internship dress codes vary depending on what kind of company you’re interning for, so make sure you’re familiar with appropriate work attire. You don’t want to be remembered as the intern who couldn’t follow instructions.

For creative internships with a more relaxed dress code, this Fashionista’s ensemble is perfect for impressing your boss and coworkers. This blue-green color palette is certainly eye-catching, but the black accents and collar of the shirt keep the look professional. This Fashionista’s teal skater skirt matched perfectly with the overall color scheme, and acts as a neutral base for the patterned button-up. A cute turquoise scalloped bag is a must for storing all your notebooks, pens and most importantly your snacks. Paired with a statement necklace and gold oxfords, this outfit is a rad example of an outfit that’s fancy enough to let your work peers know that you care about how you present yourself at the office, but also showcases your own personal style.

One Simple Change: Are you looking to celebrate your first day with some gal pals? Swap out the button-up for a sleek bodysuit and ditch the oxfords for some strappy heels for a girl’s night out approved look.