WHAT TO WEAR: Internship

For all you future yopros (aka: young professionals), dressing for your internship in your very professional business casual is usually a yawn fest. The gray, black and blah that comes with a professional environment is what most Fashionistos/as steer clear from. Some of us forget our fashion sense because we want to look like a true professional (yawn), and some of us just don’t know how to work with it. Giving your outfit a little kick in the workplace is never a bad idea. Doing it right is the problem, and this Fashionista has the answers.

The outfit this Fashionista chose aces the test of fashionable business casual. Her style is not too outlandish for the business world, yet someone might still ask where she got her pants. Colors, fabrics and coverage are key to making this look work in a professional setting. Her shell top and peg pants are made of a dressier silkier material, unlike a cotton top or jeans would be, and cover the appropriate amount of skin. The tie on the pants gives the look a shape as well as some interest to an outfit that could be plain and boring. The minimalist heels are always a winner in my book because they look good with anything and work well in a workplace. Also, having a neutral color palette is very smart. If color is used at all, it should be in the accessories. Small amounts of color, like in the purple pendant on her necklace, can make the outfit livelier without going overboard. Since her makeup is natural, it also adds the outfit’s neutrality.

One Simple Change: After you spend all day as a real adult, it’s time to kick back with your BFFs. Whether you see a movie or just hang at someone’s house, exchange the peg pants for some cut-offs. It’s always a casual, but comfy way to change up the dressiness of work wear.