WHAT TO WEAR: Internship

Summertime means breaking out the Chacos and building bonfires. Additionally, it brings the beginnings of internships and shiny new opportunities for a Fashionista/o. Any new job facilitates the perfect reason for a new professional wardrobe to match—even if you’re just filling coffee orders (we all start somewhere).

Using his own vernacular, this Fashionisto is looking incredibly “quiche,” or in other words, so hot you can’t believe it. After killing an interview, he has started a new internship and spends his days scouring fashionable magazines to help uphold his company’s reputable aesthetic.

Part of maintaining that aesthetic means maintaining a level of professionalism and also looking the part. This Fashionisto accomplishes this with a timeless cardigan, AllSaints button-down and cuffed green dress pants.

This color-blocked outfit dancing with a bold wristwatch and thick-rimmed glasses (prescription lenses because fake glasses are weird, guys) is polished off with a hand-me-down genuine leather messenger bag.

The elements pulled together by this Fashionisto create a look that is authentically him utilizing both a few versatile pieces and a personal touch. The result? A young, fashionable professional who is ready to take on the world of quality fashion while looking nothing but “quiche”.

One Simple Change: Headed straight for fun and frolicking post-work day? Ditch the cardigan, roll up your sleeves and let a button or two loose to go for a more casual yet still polished look. This outfit will be perfect for hanging out with friends by the lake or setting out on your most recent dating venture.