WHAT TO WEAR: Internship

If ever there was a time to pad one’s bank account, it would definitely be during your time off from school. In order to really nail that internship though, you have to have the skills and the style. But it’s is all too easy to fall into the boring ways of the work suit. As young adults, we often battle with what is “too” casual in the work place and how to spice up a work outfit without stepping out of bounds.

In a world that we will all be navigating in the near future, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and maybe even intimidated by those that have been dressing in a work environment for years. This is the time where faking it til you make it comes in handy. If you just stay calm, cool and stylishly collected like this Fashionista, your career goals can be achieved with ease.

For an internship that is super demanding, you need a wardrobe that can handle anything. Comfortable shoes are always a must for a job that will have you on the go, and when it comes to shirts, it’s all in the details. Even a shirt that appears relatively simple can have a sweet detail like this Fashionista, providing versatility in the work place. Printed pants are also a new obsession of mine and surprisingly can transfer over into the work world well if done correctly. Prints are a fun way to mix things up and are on trend right now and you can find cool ones just about anywhere. So be bold! Especially if you are sacrificing endless lazy days to work towards your dream job, remember to stand out, and don’t be afraid to bring the summer with you to the office.

One Simple Change: Lose the loafers and slip on some cool platform sandals while switching out the flowy top for a fun and flirty crop top. This will give you a great summer look!