WHAT TO WEAR: Internship

Internship opportunities are exciting, but finding the right clothes to wear on a daily basis may make you fret a bit. Getting ready might be a little more time consuming than it should be. Sometimes combining a simple dress or skirt from your wardrobe with a blazer can do the trick and leave you looking professional and breathless. As always, accessories can take your style a mile away.

This Fashionista decided to match a loose fitting black dress with matching velvet shoes. I appreciate how she incorporated the business look into her clothing choice. Adding the gray blazer spiced the entire outfit assemble. She combined a simple nice dress with the blazer and a pair of stylish earrings. Her hair was put together in a bun, completing her professional wardrobe.

There are other ways to include simplicity into a business attire. Alternatives can be worn if you’ve either worn all your blazers or do not even own one. A shawl, scarf or belt can be a replacement for the blazer. Hair styles can definitely play a role in giving yourself a makeover from the everyday clothing styles you try to sift through for your internship or work day. Always remember to mix and match your clothing; just because an outfit has been worn does not mean it needs to go into the Goodwill donation bags. Switch a look up by adding jackets, changing a pair of slacks with another shirt, adding a belt to a dress or skirt or just by changing your accessories around.

One Simple Change: By the end of the day, you may want to go out on a date night but do not have too much time to spare. This outfit is still looking cute, and why should you change it? Just slide the blazer off and add a cute studded belt.