WHAT TO WEAR: Internship

While summer is a time for long days lounging at the pool and trips to your favorite ice cream shop, it is also a time to get ahead. For many college students, getting ahead means taking on a summer internship or two. Whether you’re interning at a beloved company in New York City or at a renowned publication back home, during this time, you get the chance to learn first-hand about the industry, develop skills you’ll need in your field and decide what career path is right for you. During your internship, you’ll want to impress your supervisor by being on time, dedicating yourself to your tasks and dressing appropriately.

This Fashionista has intern style nailed down. Her look is appropriate for her creative office but not too casual. Throughout the look, she added extra, unique touches to show off her personality, which may also help her stand out amongst the other interns. This Fashionista wore a simple black and white striped dress. The T-shirt style is laid back, but the sturdy fabric and structured cut is more formal. She made the dress appear more professional by slipping into a pair of nude flats, which are perfect for running errands and walking around the office. For earrings, she tossed on a pair of classic pearls. She also added a metallic statement necklace, a chic cuff and a wrist filled with a variety of bangles and bracelets. Normally, my philosophy for office accessories is less is more, but this Fashionista mixed pieces that were similar in style and color, so everything looked cohesive and put together. Overall, this Fashionista looks ready to take on any project that’s thrown her way!

One Simple Change: After a long, coffee-filled week in the office, you’ll want to spend some time unwinding with your pals. Call up your girlfriends and hit the town for a girl’s night out! This outfit can quickly and easily transform for the occasion. All you need to do is swap out the basic ballet flats for a pair of fun high heels. Select a pair that’s a bright color or features an interesting pattern. To dress up your look a little bit more, throw your locks into a sleek ponytail.