WHAT TO WEAR: Internship

For some college students, summer isn’t the season of relaxation it used to be. Many are deciding to trade in poolside fun for a job or internship. Summer is a great time to intern—you aren’t busy with schoolwork, you can commit to more hours, and you can even take on an internship in a brand new city like I am! 

However, the summer months can make dressing to impress more difficult. The heat makes wearing long pants hard, but shorts won’t fly in most offices. The line between comfort and corporate can be hard to figure out, and incorporating your own personal flair may seem impossible. However, there is a way to achieve the ideal intern outfit that allows your own personal style to shine through, while also helping you to stay comfortable all while impressing your boss!

This Fashionista nails the intern look perfectly. Her black pants are loose enough that she won’t overheat, and the length allows them to still feel summery and fun. Her lace top gives the outfit a pop of texture and keeps it interesting, and tucking it into the pants keeps it professional. Her sleek black blazer allows her to look polished while also allowing her to adjust to the unpredictable Atlanta weather. She finishes off the ensemble with amazing black strapped heels and statement jewelry that adds her own personal touch to the outfit. Her style blends feminine elements with hints of menswear to create a polished and professional look with flair.

One Simple Change: When you get home after a long day and want to relax, swap out the pants and heels for shorts and gladiator sandals. You can also switch out the blazer for a jean jacket, or even ditch the jacket altogether depending on the weather!