WHAT TO WEAR: Internship

The internships are underway! Hopefully everyone was able to land their dream internship for the summer. If not, maybe you got another one that is similar. No matter what the case may be, you have got to look good when you walk into the office. Those of you who are interning at a fashion or event planning office, for example, are able to have a lot of fun with what you want to wear to work that day. That industry encourages you to obviously, dress appropriately while also having fun with the current fashion trends. But for those of you who are working for more of the business or financial firms, the dress codes may be a little more strict. That does not mean that you cannot throw some of your own style into the outfits.

For those of you who have to wear a suit of some sort, that does not mean that it has to be black and white. Maybe get a black skirt suit and pair that with a colorful pair of stilettos. You can also wear a patterned blouse of some sort underneath your jacket. There are many different options when it comes to putting an outfit together to head to a “less fashionable” work environment.  Make the outfit yours.

This Fashionista may not have to dress in a suit for her internship, but she definitely knows how to work the business casual dress code. She interns at an event planning office in NYC. She is able to play around with her outfits each day. Today, she chose to keep the color scheme neutral and light. The overall outfit is fun and flirty while still keeping it appropriate enough to wear to work. Those fringe boots are what made the outfit stand out to me. Rather than wearing a pair of flats or sandals, she went for the boots and she pulled the outfit off perfectly. Fashion is all about taking risks, so hopefully this outfit will inspire you to try something different the next time you are putting an outfit together.

One Simple Change: Six o’clock hits and you need to leave the office in order to make it to your date on time. There is no time to change. But, good thing your outfit is date-ready. The boots would definitely work; or else, this Fashionista could throw on a pair of heels in order to show off some more leg.