WHAT TO WEAR: Internship

Congratulations! You have just landed your first summer internship at one of your favorite retail shops in the city. As you know, fashion is an industry that requires networking, experience, hard work and dedication for ultimate success. To you, this internship could open up potential doors for your career and livelihood! That being said, this is something that you are taking very seriously and heavily looking forward to. As you go to sleep the night before your first day, you fall asleep daydreaming of the internship and how you will now have the opportunity to make an impact in your cities’ fashion and culture.

As your alarm wakes you up at 6:00 a.m., you realize that the director for your internship never really instructed you on how to dress. As you hectically run around your apartment, throwing on different outfits and losing track of where your floor is, (as it is now being covered completely in Forever 21 and Urban Outfitters), you see one of your favorite rompers sitting in the back of your closet.

As you remove the hanger to pull it off, your heart warms at the thought of rocking this to your first day of the internship. Rompers are not only simple, but they are the perfect attire for any personal or professional event. A floral romper like this Fashionista’s is a wardrobe necessity, and can be found at your local Target. Floral print is definitely in style right now and is a perfect medium between creative and professional. This print allows any Fashionista to look good, feel good and be creative, while still appearing professional and mature. Notice how the Fashionista finished off her look by rocking a simple yet classy pair of leather flats that can be found at any local DSW or Nordstrom.

One Simple Change: After your first day of successfully learning the “ins and outs” of retail, your friends invite you to join them for a classy dinner at your local Harry & Izzy’s. For a more sophisticated evening look, try switching out the leather flats for some black heels and perhaps pull up your hair in a high bun.