WHAT TO WEAR: Internship

Summer is finally here for us college students. It’s a time for relaxing, catching up with friends, spontaneous trips to the beach and…internships. Internships are a nine to five reminder that we can’t actually take naps in the middle of the day.

Internships are an amazing opportunity to obtain real world experience, network with professionals and gain that competitive edge over your classmates. However, they also present us with one slightly terrifying requirement: the dress code. What’s a Fashionista to do when she lands the internship of her dreams and hears those two daunting words: business professional?

This particular Fashionista opted for the classic and conservative appeal of a structured navy blazer and nude pumps. She then made the look her own by adding a pop of color to the mix with a bright patterned dress, allowing for her personal style to really shine through. This created a polished, yet feminine spin on everyday office wear that will make her stand out in any crowd.

There are so many subtle things you can do with professional attire to really personalize your look. My favorite elements of this outfit revolve around the minor details that make it majorly unique. By mixing and matching patterns, from the snakeskin pumps, to the hint of polka-dot lining inside the cuff of the blazer, this Fashionista shows the world that office wear can be anything but boring, even when you have the drop dead serious task of interning for the Philadelphia Mayor.

By polishing off the ensemble with simple, sophisticated accessories like a timeless watch and pearl earrings, this city girl is ready to take on anything that may come her way as she starts her new internship in style.

One Simple Change: Meeting up with friends in the city after work and don’t have time to go home and change? To alter this outfit from day to night, ditch the blazer and switch out the nude pumps for a pair of wedges for a more casual summer look.