WHAT TO WEAR: Internship

When you work in the business world, it is hard to find the balance between showing off your style while keeping it professional. This Fashionista has an internship working for a judge which restricts her attire in creativity and colors. Internships are serious, however, you still have the ability to style your outfit up while dressing appropriate for your position.

This Fashionista kept it standard in a black skirt suit while adding her own spunk with a floral button-down shirt. Of course, the shirt is tucked into the skirt delivering the proper vibe.

Next, this Fashionista accessorized with some pointed toe flats. By choosing to wear shoes without any heel ensures she can stay on her feet throughout her nine to five business day. She added little solid gold stud earrings for a little shine without it becoming overbearing to the outfit while maintaining a polished look. Continuing with the polished look all the way to her fingers, the Fashionista’s nails are painted a neutral color. She wore a basic watch, which allows her to always be aware of the time without having to check her phone or any other device that may seem inappropriate to check while on the job. It is important to wear a watch for an internship and to stay punctual during the day.

One Simple Change: If you swap out the skirt with a nice pair of jeans and keep the button-down untucked, this outfit can be great for a presentation for a school project. It brings a professional feeling with a relaxed aspect which is great if you need to present to your classmates.