WHAT TO WEAR: Internship

Everyone say hello to today’s fabulous Fashionista, who happens to have just recently moved to the city and is starting a summer internship. I thought it was fitting to talk about what to wear to make the best first impression.

Making a good first impression to your employer is key. You want to look professional but still be functional to do all the things you are asked. This outfit follows all those things.

The classic black and white makes it versatile for any type of internship. The pants are well fitted and the top flows away from the body creating a chic and classic look. I love this top and it is one of the main reasons i chose to photograph Hannah this week. The top is simple, it can be dressed up or down or be worn day or night. It is a staple for anyones wardrobe and can be worn and styled many different ways.

The shoes add a little bit a flare to the outfit. They are perfect for a fashion intern. They are simple colors but the studs add edge to the simplicity of the look.

She keeps her accessories to a minimum. To many accessories can look cluttered when you are trying to look professional and can also be annoying when you are trying to complete a task. Her watch picks up the gold in her shoes and adds a little glamour to the look. Her hair looks sleek and professional as well. The dressy pony adds a classy feel to the outfit while also keeping it out of the way.

One Simple Change:  Switch the sleek pants for a skater skirt and let your hair down for a perfect girl’s night out look. You could even add a statement necklace to dress up the shirt.