WHAT TO WEAR: Internship

Well it’s official, we’re (sort of, but just barely) adults. The time is upon us where summer no longer means bonfires, late night chats and getting to be totally carefree. Going into our senior years of college, most of my friends, including myself, officially have to spend our summer at internships. This is where we get to pretend we’re adults and do real people jobs, except we don’t actually get paid (but way to go if yours is!). But in all seriousness, an internship is a great way to start learning about the real world of whatever industry you hope to soon be a part of. You get to learn from professionals and gain extremely valuable experience.

Making the right outfit choices can almost make or break your internship experience. You don’t want to be the one that shows up in a tiny dress and heels on the first day and end up having to run all over the city while having to juggle bags, boxes and your coworkers’ coffees. You want to be ready to be able to do anything. This Fashionista looks cute and put together, without being too over the top.

These floral patterned pants are great as the focal point of this outfit. They are lightweight and aren’t too tight or constricting. The color is very flattering with her hair color, too. With such detailed pants, it’s okay to keep the rest of the outfit on the plainer side. A black long sleeve V-neck is plain but will keep her from being chilly in an air-conditioned building.

Her white sandals add a perfect feminine touch to this outfit. They allow for some skin to be shown, but not too much to be distracting or inappropriate. As for other accessories, since these pants are so loud, just keep it simple. These bracelets are perfect to wear by themselves or stacked like bangles.

One Simple Change: Just because your work day is over, doesn’t mean the actual day is over. Errands are next on the real world adult to-do list. Throw on a pair of fun shorts to be more comfortable. This pair is very cute and still just as fun as the floral trousers.