WHAT TO WEAR: Internship

As someone who is just starting out in the professional world, I completely understand the importance of appearing serious, sensible and competent while still finding ways to dress stylishly and express your individuality. The challenge to dress with flair gets trickier when you are spending your summer internship in South Carolina, where the blistering sun limits your choices even more.

If you are like most interns, it is probably fair to say you are working near the bottom of the food chain, running errands and doing manual or tedious work that may require you to be on your feet all day. Your outfit must be ready to handle all of the above including a possible change later in the day to transition on to other occasions.

This Fashionista is braving the heat in tight, dark, high-waisted skinny jeans that are cuffed above the ankle to emphasize her black-heeled booties. She contrasts this black on black with the structure of a brown Nine West bag. I love the disparity between the two neutral colors in combination with the blue and white vertical striped button-down. The blouse is knotted at the bottom, a trend that has resurfaced from the ‘90s, which adds a distinct, summery and casual feel to the ensemble.

One Simple Change: When you finish a hard day at your internship and want to go out with some friends, this outfit is easily transformed into a cute going-out ensemble. Add a few chunky bracelets and switch the large day purse out for a colorful clutch and you are ready for a night out on the town with friends.