WHAT TO WEAR: Internship

It has finally hit that I am no longer in London and, boy, is it a bittersweet realization. I am trying to recognize that I am no longer allowed to randomly shout “#abroadprobs” when dealing with an issue like no free water at restaurants in Italy. Since most of the sophomore class at Pepperdine studies abroad, several of my friends are finally returning to America from their crazy adventures in foreign countries. However, some students immediately jet off again for summer internships in Shanghai and London (insert envious emoji).

I keep joking that adulthood is quickly approaching and it is no truer than when everyone around you has internships. This Fashionista clearly was prepared for her internship casually doing public relations in Shanghai. Not only is she wicked smart, but she is also incredibly stylish. She embraced the spring season with a light periwinkle dress. The dress was a chiffon material that seemed to wrap around her body and cinch at her waist. No dress is complete without pockets, and this dress is no exception. To make it a bit more casual, she paired her dress with a pair of black gladiator sandals. This allows her to walk to work without getting a heel stuck in a pothole or something on the street in China. For those chilly walks back to her house after work, she wore a loose gray cardigan.

If you need internship outfit inspiration, then copy this Fashionista. She knew how to balance a professional look with a college vibe.

One Simple Change: If you find a cute local that asks you out for a dinner date, don’t worry about what to wear—you are totally prepared! Exchange the sandals for flats and add a cute clutch.