WHAT TO WEAR: Internship

The absolute most important thing with any internship is dressing appropriately and professionally. You are likely to be the youngest person in an office and you want to be taken seriously. The people surrounding you have the potential to become future mentors or even employers if all goes well. The motto “dress to impress” is never more accurate than when you are an intern. Thankfully, dressing professionally does not mean sacrificing style.

This Fashionista keeps her look classic and minimal in an all-black ensemble. While her entire look is the same color, the textured pattern on her shirt adds a bit of variation and makes the top more unique. Her skinny black pants are a wardrobe staple since they can easily be worn with many different clothing pieces. For shoes, this Fashionista kept it simple with a pair of black flats that have a loafer-inspired design. They are perfect for the intern that may spend a lot of time on their feet. An all-black ensemble is a fail-safe look that is easy to throw together and acts as a blank canvas for any accessories.

This Fashionista’s statement necklace is the focal point in her outfit and truly takes her entire look to a new level. Jewelry is a fantastic way to add a bit of personality and flair to a more neutral ensemble. It also has the added benefit of being an inexpensive way to change up any outfit in your wardrobe. In addition, this Fashionista wears a beautiful watch, which is not only stylish but also extremely practical. A watch is an absolute necessity in any workplace environment. It’s a classic accessory that has the added benefit of being helpful in many situations.

Internships can be somewhat intimidating and you often have to navigate unfamiliar environments. You may be an intern, but you still represent a company and should dress the part. The perfect outfit will give you the confidence needed to conquer any task your boss throws your way!

One Simple Change: Going straight from your internship to a date? No problem! Put on some lipstick and switch out your flats for a killer pair of heels.