WHAT TO WEAR: Internship

In a bustling cosmopolitan center like Chicago, the avenues practically swell with potential internships and other opportunities for the collegian go-getter. At this time in our lives, what could be more exciting then a swanky summer internship downtown? Yet while an internship is serious business, at the same time we are still too young, vital and efficacious for life to be all work and no play. Therefore, a Fashionista approaches work with all the enthusiasm and vitality that being a young adult in the big city begets, fashion being her way of grabbing life by the reigns and charging ever so confidently and chicly forward.

Landing an internship probably means that you’ve been through the interview process and have dressing for that down like a pro. The internship dress code is not entirely different from that of an interview. The aesthetic is professional, modest and refined; however, as a Fashionista—and as a unique and vibrant individual—you want to enliven an austere look with personal touches that allude to your personality. Once you’ve gotten the internship or the job, you may have a little more leeway to have fun with your look yet still remain within the bounds of professional or business casual attire.

This Fashionista’s look is the picturesque ensemble for an internship downtown. It is modest and clean enough for a professional environment, yet it’s punctuated with savvy touches that make it a suitable uniform for the modern and chic working student. Black is great for a work wardrobe because it is unobtrusive, elegant and refined in addition being flattering and multifaceted. Moreover, the collared neckline and knee-length hem of this Fashionista’s LBD makes the chic staple appropriate for the workplace. Yet, while a comfortable supply of blacks, grays and whites will take you a long way, investing in bold, trendy or just fun pieces is a fail-safe way to add personality and variety to your work wardrobe.

What initially caught my eye were the Fashionista’s electrifying blue heels. Their classic design (with a sweet bow and modest heel) translates to a professional environment, but the color pulses with a spirit that brightens the entire ensemble. Another attribute of this outfit is the way it balances a prim yet edgy vibe. Angular gold earrings are one element that adds a subtle edge, and while a blazer is always reliable, this Fashionista’s choice of a leather moto jacket will keep her looking cool and modern as she traverses the trendy streets off the clock. In all, it is a sleek look internship yet stylish enough for a metropolitan maven.

One Simple Change: If after a long day at the internship you want to hit the town with the ladies, a simple way to transform the outfit into girl’s night out attire is to stash a dazzling pair of pumps, a bold statement necklace and a hot clutch in one of your bags. A quick switch and you’re ready to head out into the night!