WHAT TO WEAR: Internship

April 23rd, 2015 at 2:10am

The end of the spring semester is approaching so most of us Fashionistas/os are off to explore our career field by working as an intern for the summer. One of the toughest decisions to make when starting a new internship, or at a new place of employment, is deciding what to wear. On one side of the spectrum, you do not want to dress too casual to the point where no one takes you seriously, but you also do not want to dress to the point where you cannot go out to run an errand across town for your new boss. One tip I can give is to wear an outfit that you can literally do anything in.

This Fashionista is dressed to impress or run across town in a hurry to pick up samples that your new boss needs for a video shoot in two hours, hypothetically. The way she layered her look allows for a comfortable first day. This look gives her the option of throwing on her jacket if it is chilly or sporting her sundress, with appropriate sleeves, without distracting others in the workplace. The floral pattern of her dress keeps her image playful and feminine. One key component this Fashionista hit right on the dot is wearing shoes you can run in. It might sound crazy, but you never know where you might be sent or what you might come across on your way there.

Take advice from this Fashionista’s style to create your perfect internship outfit. If it is supposed to be scorching outside, throw the leggings out of the equation and add a vibrant pair of loafers. This change will keep your look professional without you passing out from a crazy heatwave. And lastly, but not least, make sure that you keep your confidence high. Everyone messes up, but how you deal with the mess you made will really show your boss what kind of worker you are. Good luck!

One Simple Change: A meeting went over and now you are running late to your girl’s night out? Throw off your jacket, swap out your leggings for tights and add a flashy pair of heels. You’ll be ready to conquer any dance floor.