WHAT TO WEAR: Internship

So you have finally landed your dream internship! The biggest question in one’s mind when preparing to start their internship is generally: “what should I wear to work?” Well, if you are interning in the fashion industry, your possibilities are endless. There is no guideline that says you must wear all black and can only wear pantsuits and close-toed heels like some other industries require. It is all about expressing your personal style while maintaining a professional and appropriate look.

This Fashionista gives us a great example of something you could wear on a day at your internship. Keep in mind though—not all companies allow denim. It usually depends on how causal the company is and if you sell/work with denim products to allow denim in the everyday dress attire at work. If you are going to wear denim to work, keep it clean and simple. You still want to maintain a professional image like our Fashionista here who does so by wearing darker wash skinny jeans that are clean and give her a polished look.

She pairs her skinny jeans with a subtle black peplum top. The top is flattering to her figure and is very versatile. It is easily interchangeable; she could swap out her jeans for a pencil skirt or some cute patterned pants. Her booties add some additional color to her look along with some trendiness. For a more formal internship though, you could wear heels and keep a pair of flats handy in your purse for those times your feet just need a break.

To top off her perfect look she adds some simple jewelry. Her Kendra Scott earrings are the perfect touch of color and are very classy looking. Her bracelets are classic and can be worn every day, making them great investment pieces for her work wardrobe.

Follow this Fashionista and you will be sporting a professional, classic and simple look for your next internship!

One Simple Change: Do you like more color in your wardrobe? Instead of going for a staple black top, pick a color that you love and that you know will make you feel confident and trendy for date night! You can also incorporate more color in your jewelry so maybe instead of wearing your white Kendra Scott pieces with this look, wear your turquoise pair.