WHAT TO WEAR: Internship

So, you are a man in the fashion industry. That alone adds some extra pressure. You have a lot of ladies to impress while looking sleek, stylish and professional. The great part about it is all your outfits are transitional with one simple piece: a bold blazer. This Fashionisto sure knows how to dress the part, and I’m willing to bet all eyes are on him in the workplace.

I found this Fashionisto oh-so-casually walking around campus in his clean-cut attire, and I had to find out exactly where he was going and beg for some pictures. He laughed, swiftly glanced at his watch and agreed to snap some shots before he was off to his internship. What a gentlemen!

His blazer is the perfect hue to attract some female attention while securing his masculinity because we all know only a true man can rock pink. His crisp, white button-down shirt and floral print tie complement his soft color palette perfectly. But to keep the look bold his black, slim fit pants add just the right amount of edge with their quilted leg patching.

Wishing all men knew how to dress as fabulously as this Fashionisto? Tell your guy pals to follow suit and they will gain respect both in and out of the workplace. His modernized business casual attire is exactly what every intern must know how to master.

One Simple Change: Trying out the casual look for class? Layer a T-shirt under your bold blazer and keep it unbuttoned while ditching the tie.