WHAT TO WEAR: Internship

The school year is coming to a close and we all wish we had one of those “no responsibility” summers to look forward to. The times of lying by the pool and family vacations are long over; instead of building sand castles, we have to build our resumes. I know, I know, the idea frightens me, too. I would much rather be wearing swimsuits all day and living in my pajamas; but an internship gives us Fashionistas plenty of opportunity to build our wardrobes. It’s an important time to start maturing our closet, and lets face it, I’ll take any excuse I can to legitimize a shopping spree.

So, taking notes from this Fashionista, I’ll hit the store. This short sleeved dress is a working girl’s staple. It’s simple and understated, but the cut gives off a professional vibe. It’s long enough to be appropriate for an office setting and the short sleeves cover the shoulders enough so that a blazer isn’t necessary. This is a great asset when working during the summer. It also has a cute, sheer detail on the shoulder so that it isn’t too simple. The great thing about this dress though, is that it can be accessorized to the max; however the choice of accessory is important. When working in an office you have to be careful not to wear over the top or overly colorful pieces, but instead, pieces that are still appropriate to show off your personality.

Keeping it classy, this Fashionista pairs the navy dress with white and gold. The necklace, purse, and watch work together to put the finishing touch on this look. The nude pumps give just the kick of sass she needs to walk into the office with confidence. I can’t wait to find my professional style on my next shopping spree.

One Simple Change: Running from the office to a dinner date? Just throw on a sassy leather jacket and some lipstick and you’ll be sure to please.