WHAT TO WEAR: Internship

When the cold wind outside menaces to freeze every inch of your skin, let’s face it, your evolutionary instincts motivate you to do one thing—cover up and survive (the two are essentially the same). As tempting as it is to lounge around all day in sweats and UGGs, when a more professional opportunity like an internship surfaces, a nice winter coat seems like the next best option for an extra touch of sophistication. For the many fairly petite girls out there, including myself, it’s always a challenge to keep warm and not get swallowed at the same time.

This Fashionista showcases her winter friendly outfit that was strategically put together to enhance and prolong her slim figure. She chose a simple, cropped white T-shirt and a pair of vintage gray ankle boots to complement the black coat. The floral statement trousers were what really pulled this outfit together. Myth busted: floral is definitely not spring and summer exclusive. The drawstring waistband and the silky material made them super comfortable for a day at work, while the slouchy silhouette prevented them from looking too casual. This look was completely internship appropriate while still bursting with personality.

Details like makeup and accessories are perfect for her outfit. This McGill Fashionista wore a matte, orangey-red lip to add a pop of color to this otherwise mostly black and white look. The bright color and dabs of pastel blue on her trousers feed off of each other without clashing. A dainty gem necklace is paired with a long, beady one, once again fitting into the simplicity and sophistication of the look.

One Simple Change: Switch the coat out for a plain black blazer if you are living in a warmer region (lucky you) or in the office. For a night out with your girlfriends, ditch the boots for a classy pair of strappy black heels and a messy high bun for a fun change of air.